About file.haus

file.haus is a file uploader dedicated to promoting freedom of speech and protecting user privacy.

As part of our commitment to user rights, we take measures to ensure that the services we provide are not subject to DMCA takedown requests. To achieve this, we have implemented a distributed hosting infrastructure that operates outside the jurisdiction of the United States, making it more resistant to legal actions. By hosting our services in this manner, we aim to protect your ability to express yourself freely and securely.

I'm against any and all censorship on the internet. I only respond to child sexual abuse material reports, which must have sufficient proof before reporting. See the reporting section for more info.

As of now, the only social media I have for this is @filehaus on Twitter. You may also contact me through email at p@uq.ci.


I am a strong believer of freedom of speech, and as such I allow most anything to be uploaded onto file.haus.

The only thing that is explicitly prohibited is child sexual abuse material (CSAM) and even then, you must provide adequate proof that the file in question is CSAM.

Don't expect me to take down a file if it's encrypted from the client-side and you don't provide a password to decrypt it, or show a screenshot that confirms that the material is CSAM. I don't care who you are.

REMEMBER: What is considered "unlawful" in your country is probably different from what is "unlawful" where we host.


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